Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services

Electrical Installation and Control Panel Design

Electrical Installation & Control Panel Design


We design and develop power and automation hardware in critically challenging environments 

Electrical Installation Design

Our design engineers develop network and power systems for automation, control and building services. Safety is a priority - Working within highly regulated environments such as water, nuclear, chemical and pharmaceuticals, there are critical safety design elements that must be considered, such as hazardous waste materials and explosive environments. With the ability to work under ATEX driven environments we also have CompEx trained engineers, meaning we can conduct hazardous area classification reports prior to the design of an installation


Electrical and Control Panel Design

To support one of the largest panel manufacturing facilities in the UK, we have a  dedicated electrical & control panel design team. Whether project specific, bespoke design or large scale standardised production, we provide design service for a wide range of LV, MV & HV products.

Our products:  

  • Control and Instrumentation Cabinets
  • Control Desks
  • Instrument Panels
  • Motor Control Cabinets
  • Modular Containerised Solutions
  • Process Skid Units
  • Cabinet and Frames  

Early and continual engagement throughout the design process ensures we minimise changes and variations prior to production. Our manufactured systems are designed to high standards withstanding the most rigorous testing and compliance requirements demanded by highly regulated environments. We provide the trust and assurance unrivalled by others through our commitment to quality checks and certification requirements right the way through to our supply chain. The role of our Technical Authorities also reinforces this assurance.

Electrical Installation and Panel Manufacture