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Automation Software Development

Automation Software Development

software standards, libraries and tools are the key enablers for automation excellence

Automation Systems 

As one of the first companies in the UK to obtain TickIT Plus, Bilfinger understands the need for a multi-level approach to software development quality and standards. The TickIT Plus is much more than a simple certification scheme, it also drives the culture and approach to software development. Through a process reference model, we enable a consistent approach to process definition and assessment. Whether implementing PLC/SCADA, DCS or Industrial IT systems, standard process libraries and associated requirement documentation ensures robust and fully supportable modular code.

We understand the complexity of automation, and as such, great emphasis is placed upon spending time and effort with you to convert your needs into efficient automated process control solutions. Systems which have the ability to monitor, control, optimise, predict and run analytics based on the assessment of your automation requirements. We'll take you through the automation process, step by step, as we understand how automation as an enabling factor can make a marked difference to your organisation's ability to improve on operational performance, and ultimately your profit. 

Being a product agnostic organisation, we have the ability to assess and select the right technology platform to suit your requirements.  We can provide bespoke programming to compliment your chosen system architecture: one that works seamlessly in context within your operational environment.  


Legacy Upgrades and Migrations

In today's modern manufacturing environments, the majority of automation projects are upgrades or migrations of legacy systems. Either through technology obsolescence, regulatory requirements, process improvements or safety demands, the decision to upgrade or migrate comes with inherent risk, and must be taken with due care and attention.

At Bilfinger we can assist you in making the right, cost effective, low risk decisions. Through our consultancy services, we can advise on current and future legislation, trends and developments across multiple vendor technology platforms. We can start to understand and define your requirements. With our emphasis on quality software development, and highly optimised integrated services, we can implement upgrades and migrations with the minimum risk possible. 


Asset Services

We can also provide a comprehensive asset services support that can be bespoke based on your software maintenance requirements. 



Automation Software Services