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Compliance is a key component of successful management and good corporate governance. We are governed by our parent Bilfinger company to comply in line with increased global requirements and international standards. 

Compliance rules

Bilfinger compliance rules were revised and in place on a Group-wide basis since November 1, 2012. A Code of Conduct details the general principles of our behaviour. Corresponding Group guidelines contain concrete instructions on the issues of integrity, competition and dealing with business partners. 

Compliance system

Bilfinger operates a structured and well-supported reporting system whereby whistleblowers are able to communicate to the Bilfinger compliance team, for any misconduct or misgivings under the Code of Conduct.

Persons outside the company such as customers, suppliers, subcontractors or service providers can also report misconduct via Bilfinger Compliance Communications. These reports also remain anonymous if desired.

The compliance rules have been distributed to all employees accompanied by a communications campaign and by face-to-face trainings. It is also being supported by an e-learning program.

The control systems Bilfinger have implemented to ensure that compliance regulations are adhered to include routine and special audits by Internal Auditing. As part of our monitoring of business relationships, we pay particular attention to the use of third parties in connection with order acquisition.


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Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for Subcontractors and Suppliers





Are you aware of specific circumstances indicating there may be compliance violations that concern Bilfinger, and wish to report the case to us?

Please click here to access theBilfinger Compliance Communications reporting system

You can also contact Bilfinger Compliance Communications by telephone at

00800 – B-I-L-F-I-N-G-E-R  (00800 - 245 34 64 37)

If you cannot reach Bilfinger Compliance Communications at this number, please check here whether a different number applies in your country