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International Women in Engineering Day

23rd June 2017 

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day we provide the views of six colleagues on the topic of engineering.  Only 9% of the engineers today are women, and to help promote females into engineering, Bilfinger IAS employees impart their experiences and provide advice for women aspiring to work within an engineering environment. View their profiles below.   


Estelle Graham, Service Operations Manager

“…..but as a female in a male dominated environment, we provide a warmer touch communicating with the clients."

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Jan Chiocci, Cable Preparation

“…..If I get it wrong at this stage it can all go wrong so I have a great sense of pride and joy when everything runs smoothly." 

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Lavanya Ganugapati, Lead Engineer

“…..Engineering in my words, relate to 'challenges', 'customer', ‘innovation', 'learning' and ‘fun’."

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Louisa Whitehurst, Systems Engineer

“...Visiting process sites, seeing the application of what you have developed (& invested a lot of time and effort in) come into fruition is one of the most satisfying parts of the job."

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Christine Prior, Wireperson

“….There is always a choice and a chance if you are willing to do it with learning opportunities from everyone.“

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Elizabeta Dzhaleva, Senior Project Engineer

“…..I would never swap my place in what’s 'mostly known as' a male’s world of challenges and technology."

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