Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services



preparation for the onset of new build and retiring nuclear reactors require effective decommissioning For end of life services on key assets, whilst maintaining a cradle to grave approach of new operational plants

Bilfinger operates across a wide range of the UK's nuclear facilities and operations, both in the Civil Nuclear and Nuclear Defence sectors. With over 30 years of experience, working across the entire fuel life cycle, we are currently engaged on one of the most important environmental restoration programmes in Europe - the clean-up of the UK's nuclear legacy: in manufacturing facilities, on the retiring fleet of nuclear reactors and on the UK's highly sensitive nuclear deterrence programme.

We provide solutions ranging from manufacture, hazard and risk reduction to reprocessing, nuclear waste management and decommissioning, all of which makes us ideally positioned for the onset of the UK's Nuclear Power Station build programme.

With a deep understanding of the rigours of site specific nuclear standards, for over 30 years, we have worked with end users such as Sellafield, AWE, Magnox, EDF, Urenco, DRSL, RSRL and their tier 2 main contractors. From initial front-end design to systems implementation and asset support, our security cleared and suitably qualified experienced personnel provide end-to-end solution from across our five UK sites.

As a trusted partner to a number of technology vendors like Siemens, Rockwell and Omniflex, new technologies are being explored and integrated. Decommissioning costs are minimised with our high standards in providing integrated safety and control systems, coupled with an effective collaborative work ethic, we provide "inspired automation solutions" to all of our customers.