Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services



uncertain market conditions, rising energy costs and high project risks prevail beyond global project comprehension. Key to dominating successfully within this arena is the ability to lower costs, and lowering it quickly, when needed, whilst maintaining key talent in this high risk busines

As part of the Bilfinger group, Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services is robust enough to work on global scale projects. Our track record includes provision of services to major smelting aluminium plants in the Middle East. Focusing on automation and maintenance services we have provided solutions to drive efficiencies through our mobile workforce. 

Working flexibly to your requirements on carbon facilities, pot lines, fume treatment, water treatment, heat metal tracking and desalination plants, we understand how important it is for you to become self-sufficient. To that end, we have a team dedicated to providing the relevant training and after support for the effective and seamless transition of skills to your operational team.  

We are part of the Bilfinger group, working together to form one of the largest independent solutions provider in the world.