Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services


From construction company to engineering and services group

Bilfinger's history dates back to the 1880's, when the German Company was traditionally construction based. Since then, Bilfinger has transformed to an international engineering and services group. A major milestone to the company's journey began in 2010 when the company converted into a stock company in accordance with European law. It had previously acquired companies in the UK with Salamis and IS in 2006 and 2007 strengthening its offshore offering. Growth of its onshore business was intended when the company acquired the AT Group in 2011. With a reputation of providing bespoke Electronic Control and Instrumentation Solutions to UK industrial processes, the acquisition became known as BIS ATG.

By 2012, the company had completed its transformation as a stock company and had renamed to Bilfinger SE. During that year, the company intended to further strengthen its offering for its UK onshore businesses, resulting in the acquisition of HG Systems in 2012. HG systems provided the automation and systems integration capability. It had the software capability to deliver automation projects with the maintenance support on its major platforms. By 2013, the acquisition of the two companies by Bilfinger SE became what it is known as today – Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services.

Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services is formed out of two very reputable companies who joined forces through its parent company Bilfinger SE to provide a broader based capability to existing and new clients.

Bilfinger SE has since continued its acquisition activity with the integration of Europa Support Services in 2013 and GVA Grimley in 2014, which it later divested in 2016 for a more focused industrial services offering.