Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services

Corporate Principles

Corporate principles

Bilfinger is committed to a sustainable business philosophy:

Our compliance system meets international standards. Our Code of Conduct serves as the basis for compliance rules that are valid throughout the Group.

Optimal Workplace conditions are key components of our personnel development.  

We are committed to occupational safety at all levels of the Group and together seek to achieve the goal of "zero harm." 

Environmental protection has been firmly anchored in our HSEQ principles. Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services is BS EN ISO 14001 accredited.

We review the integrity of our suppliers and have management systems in place to ensure the quality of our own services.




Sustainability Report


Bilfinger does not gear its policy toward short-term goals, but focuses instead on medium and long-term success. This is only possible when sufficient consideration is given to non-economic factors in the pursuit of entrepreneurial initiatives. In our Sustainability Report, you can read what responsibility means for us.