Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services


Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services

Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services provides the solutions for an operating plant to run more effectively with precision: we do this through complete end-to-end based solutions of automated systems, control solutions and maintenance services, allowing plant processes to operate reliably, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


We provide the software and equipment to measure, control and simulate live data for effective process control, allowing operators on plants to make key decisions at critical levels. We automate plant processes, building flexibility and safety for service delivery teams to maximise yields and minimise waste. We provide the control panels, containing software and equipment against standard or bespoke requirements for engineers, fabricating and testing them on or off site. We take care of installation and electrical work, working within project manager’s budgets in a safe and timely manner.


And: we are a systems integrator combining all automation, electrical and control elements of your system to make it work, with the ability to maintain these solutions over its' entire life cycle with our support services for continued reliability. 


Like no other company, Bilfinger brings together two complementary characteristics: engineering competence and service mentality. Bilfinger SE  is a leading international industrial services provider. With the technical expertise and experience of its employees, the company offers customised engineering and services to customers in the process industry. 

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